Our Story

Hey there! Allow us to introduce ourselves:

Although Plantonic Love Inc is still in its infancy, our love story with the plants goes way back.

We have been collecting, nurturing, and learning about rare and exotic houseplants as a hobby for many years. The name, Plantonic Love, was inspired by our platonic love for plants and nature.

We are a family owned business located in Toronto, Canada. Our plants are grown in our greenhouses to ensure you are able to easily access these unique finds. Our philosophy is to make plants available in the Canadian market in a sustainable way.

We hope you enjoy perusing through our shop, blog posts, and social media, and get inspired by our Plantonic Love.

Our Values

We are a family-owned and operated business. We’ve been working together behind the scenes since March 2020 on this passion project. Each of us has a unique, irreplaceable talent that we all bring to the table. When you are connecting with us, we guarantee that our family will always treat you like family.

Our shipment packaging is 95% eco-friendly: the components are either biodegradable or recyclable, and some of the items are made from 100% recycled materials. We also only ship seasonally to avoid the use of thermal packaging harmful to the environment. Our brand is committed to adopting eco-conscious practices to do our part in sustainability.

As a brand we value knowledge and want to help you on your plant journey. We know how overwhelming it can be when you get a new plant but don't know where to start. Or how confusing it can be when your plant growth doesn't go as planned. Through our monthly blog posts and access to our plant guru for care questions on your purchases, we will always try our best to help you when we can. We’re learning just like you!

When we started our plant journey, things were not always easy. We have constantly been learning from trial and error because we keep moving forward. We want you to be able to count on us because we are determined to support your plantastic needs. Resilience, perseverance, courage - you name it. We don't give up and we're here to stay!